The newest members to jump onboard the Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program are looking ahead to the performance improvement they will gain from joining the world-leading benchmarking program committed to creating better community futures.

In the last week, two more councils, Lachlan Shire Council in NSW and Taranaki Regional Council in New Zealand have taken the initiative to join 134 other councils in NSW, WA and in NZ who are benefitting from the highly effective performance, trend and results-driven data powering collaborative change in the local government sector.

Local Government Professionals, NSW CEO Annalisa Haskell congratulated the new councils on being pro-active in joining the performance excellence program that the association created in collaboration with PwC five years ago.

“Because it was local government professionals who assisted in the design of this program, we continually work together with the sector and are constantly innovating to increase the range of metrics that are measured and to introduce increasingly sophisticated tools to enhance the collaborative process,” Ms Haskell said. “And the benefits for all are also enhanced as more councils come into the program.”

Lachlan Shire Council General Manager, Robert Hunt says as a council manager he is always looking at ways for continuous improvement and as part of the NSW CENTROC region he is particularly keen on the level of collaboration the program can now offer to councils and the regions they operate in.

“It will be interesting to compare expenditure and staffing levels in all the services Lachlan Shire Council provides with other similar size rural councils not just in NSW but in other states and countries as well.” Mr Hunt said. “There are a number of Councils within CENTROC that have been in this program from the beginning and they speak highly of the process and outcomes from participation.”

“It is hoped that CENTROC councils will all become participants and then we can benchmark each other not only within CENTROC but with other regions.”

In New Zealand, Taranaki Shire Council CEO Basil Chamberlain said as part of the process before they joined the growing number of participants they talked to a number of participating councils and looked closely at how the program delivers meaningful data.

“When you compare this to a number of these benchmarking comparative programs this one seemed to be very grounded – here we feel we are getting something that keeps it simple but gives you the practical ball park idea you need,” Mr Chamberlain said.

The Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program now stretches from Auckland City Council with a population of 1.45 million to the tiny Shire of Cuballing in Western Australia with just 889 residents.

Ms Haskell goes onto explain a new development planned for the program in NSW. “For the upcoming Survey 5 we are excited to introduce a new concept called a Regional Window that will give regional councils in an area (ROC) more insight to determine the current effectiveness of their service delivery, workforce capacity and management both comparatively within a region and collaboratively as an entire region,” Ms Haskell said. 

“This will allow leaders to identify areas of regional excellence and areas for concern, and support them in finding solutions across entire regions while creating more informed conversations between the regions, the community and the government.”
“I look forward to working to enhance the program for all.”

Expressions of interest are now open to join this growing network 

The Australasian Performance Excellence Program is now open to all Australian and New Zealand councils with the upcoming 2017 Survey 5 as the first survey in the next three-year measurement round. Now is the prime time to bring your council into the future of self-driven improvement.

Download a copy of the Performance Excellence Program here and take advantage of Early Bird Pricing available till end of May 2017