New Partnership Ensures the Australian Local Government Industry will be represented in Federal WGEA Reporting

The Federal Government’s Workforce Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has just released its latest scorecard on the performance of Australia’s gender pay gap and workforce performance to support improving the workforce status for Australian women. It shows increased action from employers in addressing gender equality as one of the positive findings. 

Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW through its Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program are proud to be official supporters of the WGEA Pay Equity Leadership Network and will be working with them to provide future sector wide data on gender equality issues in the Australian local government workforce.

LG Professionals, NSW Acting President Rebecca Ryan says “for the first time WGEA will now be able to see current and trending data on the local government sector as a whole, which recognises the association’s benchmarking program as having the correct methodology and approach to be able to assist this important task. The WGEA have credited our association’s program by offering significant depth and breadth that provides a cohesive reading of the workforce performance of local government in Australia”.

“This program has provided local government an opportunity to take charge of our own workforce development; be that implementing innovative succession plans, attracting and retaining staff or creating mentoring programs for our younger employees. This has demonstrated once again how councils irrespective of their size or scale can work together for the betterment of the sector, and we are proud of this opportunity to be acknowledged for this work as the Federal Government develops its ongoing picture of gender equality in the Australian workforce,” Ms Ryan said.

The program is now benchmarking 146 councils in Australia across NSW, WA, SA, QLD and in New Zealand. LG Professionals, NSW CEO Annalisa Haskell says “the Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program gives councils the capacity to interrogate their own workforce performance whilst providing an opportunity for sharing insights with other local government professionals who are contributing to making Australia’s future local government workforce the strongest and fairest it can be,” Ms Haskell said.

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