Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW

Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW formerly known as Local Government Managers Australia NSW is the leading association representing the professionals in NSW local government. We are committed to maintaining high professional and ethical standards throughout the sector and ensuring that our members are at the forefront of change and innovation.

Our vision...

As a leading collaborative professional association, we help shape the future of NSW local government and support the careers of our members

We are dedicated to strengthening the professional capability of our members, by providing access to the best resources and support through our networks, training, communications and information. 




The Municipal Clerks' Institute was founded in October 1936 by Raymond West, the then Town Clerk of the City of Shepparton, Victoria.

In NSW the Town Clerks' Society was the professional association operating alongside the Institute in upholding the status and protection of the interest of those persons entitled, under the law for the time being in force, to occupy the position of Town, Shire or County Clerk.

In 1949 the Institute changed its name to the Institute of Municipal Management (IMM) to reflect the changes in Local Government. In 1987 the Town Clerks' Society changed its name and formed the Institute of Municipal Management (NSW Division). The Institute, although its past stemmed from a professional body for Municipal Clerks, broadened its base to represent all executives and managers in the Local Government industry.

From 1 January 2001, the name was changed to Local Government Managers Australia. Along with the name change a new logo was selected which symbolises some important elements of LGMA - rings have always represented strength and linked they represent unity, co-operation and inclusiveness.

Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW is the new name of Local Government Managers Australia, NSW (LGMA NSW) and was launched on 10 April 2014.

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Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW
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Email: nsw@lgprofessionals.com.au

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